Last night I watched a documentary called Objectified.  It’s about everyday objects and their design.  I have always been swayed by not only function of everyday objects but the look of everyday objects.  Objectified goes into detail about the work that goes into the objects that make up our lives.

One designer Karim Rashid , was interviewed for the movie and made an interesting point of how parts of our lives are modern and parts of our lives are not modern at all.  He used the example of having a laptop, iphone, gps etc…only to go home to old spindle furniture that is uncomfortable and isn’t designed well. We have all of these high tech, well designed gagets, yet our homes are nothing near high tech and are not well designed.   He said that its amazing that there is any chair that is uncomfortable, or poorly designed when there is so many good designers out there producing well designed comfortable goods.  Something for us to all really think about!!

The movie also touches on consumerism and our choice as consumers to either purchase disposable goods or to purchase goods that can be passed down from generation to generation.  With so much talk about the environment, it’s a good idea to think about our part in the environment as well.  How much do we really need? Would it be better to buy disposable design verses design that will last through generations.  All good things to think about when buying anything. Especially items for your home.

Very interesting movie and I highly recomend it to anyone.


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