Everything’s amazing Challenge

This is one of my favorite quotes by Louis CK. It’s true, Everything is amazing! This week I am going to try to use this quote in my daily life, whether it be visiting Munich this weekend with my family, changing my daughters diaper, to taking the dog out. I am going to try to see the amazing in everything. Will report back in a week.



  1. I love your attitude Kady. You cant imagine the comfort I feel when I read what you have to say. It means so much to me to know you are in a good place in your life. Please thank

  2. Everything IS amazing…..from the day your first child is born to when the last leaves the nest, and onward. Every step of life is an adventure to be discovered and embraced. For every negative, we can always find a positive to neutralize it. When life ceases to be amazing, it’s time to look again….there is always something or someone new, waiting to be uncovered…it’s the digging in a new place we have to teach ourselves about.

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