Meaning of your Desk

My brother sent me this video this morning. I watched it several times and LOVE it. Who watches a movie about desks several times? Me.  He also asked me a question: Is the desk a part of the person or a piece of the room? For me, it’s a long story. Most of my life growing up I had a desk, a desk that I used often. My parents bought it for me when I was probably 8 or 9. I used it all the way through college. It was stained with paint, ink and scratched from various art projects.  Then I moved. I didn’t take my desk with me and didn’t really have a desk, a desk that I LOVED until now. Of course I had desks at my jobs, but they didn’t ever really feel like MY desk, they just felt like a piece of furniture that was passed down to me by my predecessor. I never made “those” work desks my own. 2 months ago on my 33rd birthday, my husband gave me a desk. I desk I adore! He also gave me a room to go with it. He transformed our guest bedroom into my office. It is perfect! It has a place for my dog, a place for my daughter to play and my desk. I immediately stacked magazines and books on the desk and went to work. For the first time in a long time I had a place. I place of my own. I place I could write, be creative, read, learn, and do anything else I wanted. I love my desk and I love my room. About a month after my birthday, my father came to visit us and we had to move my desk to our bedroom. I still love my desk but I miss the room as a whole. I miss having my desk in a room with a place for my dog and my daughter. Now, I would never give up visitors so I could keep my room they way my husband made it, but I miss my room. I miss my place. But as I said, the visitors are worth the sacrifice. To me my desk is both a part of me and my room. It’s a part of me because I feel like I think better at my desk verses a random table. I have noticed lately that I struggle concentrating. In my room, at my desk, I felt I had a clear mind, and I could concentrate again, just as I could at the desk my parents gave me. So, now I raise the question to you: What does your desk mean to you? Is your desk a part of you or a part of the room or both? Is your desk just a place to check your email or a place for you to be creative, learn and create?

What does your desk mean to you?


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  1. Sorry you have to give up your space for visitors. However, I am excited to be one of those very people. Promise not to stay too long. You need to get back to creating. You are too talented to let it go to waste. 2011 will be your year to have your room and desk back where you can do amazing things. Love ya. Glad to hear your little desk ment so much. Maybe that helps make up for the fact you never had a room !!!!!

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