Bad Design Friday

Today is bad design Friday. There are so many blogs on good design but very few on bad design or what not to do in design. 😉 Here are a few things you should not do or should not use.

I LOVE this poster. Especially the part about paparyus font. You know I actually considered NOT seeing Avatar because of the massive use of paparyus. LOL!

I saw this furniture set-up in an online furniture store. First, who took the junky photo? Second, who set this room up with all the junk on the walls? Third, who put this whole “color scheme” or lack there of together?

With all the great design in the world, why do we still have bad design? Something to think about.


One comment

  1. Still haven’t seen Avatar. I suppose I can get over the paparyus. And there’s plenty of color in that photo. Green, off-white, brown and brown-is-white. 🙂 I love Bad Design Friday’s!

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