Evil Design

Yay! Finally a museum exhibit on bad design. What perfect inspiration for my bad design Friday post! I found this over at Howdy Heidi and was thrilled. I can’t go this week but you better be sure I will be there next week. I can’t wait to see all the “evil design” and bring it back to you on my blog.

Here is a fantastic taste of what the exhibit is about. Very interesting take on what is bad and what is good.

“Good design, bad design: we are rephrasing the old question about the quality of our material culture. How did people justify esthetic judgments in the past, and which values are currently being debated? In former times, the old-style crafts museums placed considerable emphasis on educating people’s taste: “If we want to discern what good taste is, we must first eliminate bad taste.” With this aim in mind, Gustav E. Pazaurek opened his “Cabinet of Bad Taste” in the Stuttgart State Crafts Museum in 1909. “Bad” items were labeled using a vocabulary borrowed from the penal code, and were debated with missionary zeal. Adolf Loos castigated ornament as a crime; the Werkbund and Bauhaus movements proceeded in the same spirit. Today, in an age of stylistic pluralism, the issue is more complicated. Bad taste and kitsch are cool, and calculated provocation is “in”.”


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