Potting Plants

It’s Spring! We all love spring, right? Well why not love it with your kids. Our first kids project is “My First Garden”. My little girl is 16 months old, so she doesn’t totally understand the idea of planting a garden but we did it anyways. A few weeks ago the weather was great and we had seeds so we decided to plant Taylar’s first garden.

This project is fun even if you only have a balcony since you don’t need a huge garden or yard to plant in. We bought a CUTE planter at the hardware store, took it home on the balcony and planted away.

We planted our little garden with six starter pots along with 3 other pots of tomatoes, peppers and cilantro. This was fun for Taylar since she was able to play outside, in the dirt and water. She LOVED getting muddy.

A few days after we planted the pots the seeds were already sprouting. I didn’t know what to do since I don’t have a ton of space for pots and the plants were already getting too big for their little pots. We decided to make our first planting project into another planting project. I decided that I didn’t just want to re-plants the pots and throw them in my office and it is still to cold to put the pots on my balcony so I needed to come up with another solution. I decided to turn our planting project into a centerpiece for our table. We went to the hardware store again and bought plain terracotta pots and painted them different colors, then we re-planted our plants and arranged them on a tray on the dining table. This way we could see the progress of the plants growth. I also made small plant markers so we could keep track of which plant is which. As I said, Tay loved the project. No, she totally doesn’t understand the whole idea of planting,  but she will someday. Until then, we will keep planting, playing in the water and having fun outside.



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