Stackable Boxes

My sister Corey is an artistic genius. At least according to me she is. I have asked her to help me come up with some crafts I can do with or make for Taylar. The first craft/toy she came up with are stackable boxes. Taylar has some stackable boxes similar to this but they are wood and when she knocks them down, sometimes they hit her and hurt her. These are perfect, easy to make, fun to decorate (especially if your kids are bigger) and you don’t feel bad if they get trashed. Below are instructions and photos. Tay and I only made 3 so far because she has been sick this week so it put us back a bit. But we plan to make a lot more!

Boxes: It’s easy, disposable, can’t cause damage to your house, your baby, or your pets…..  It’s a series of boxes.  All you need is cardboard, packaging tape and something to cut the cardboard with.  There’s a couple ways to construct the boxes… You can cut one big piece that looks like a cross and fold it or you can cut each side individually.  Either way, lay the pieces in a cross shape and tape the seams, then fold it up into a box and tape the inside seams together.  Start with a 12 inch, then an 8 inch, then 6, 4, 2…   If they get smashed or something just throw them in recycling and make another one.  They can stack into each other or stack into a tower, or you can fill them with stuff…  You can paint them to help your child learn colors or glue pictures or letters onto them.  You can build them one day then decorate them another day.. The possibilities are endless with these.


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