Philippe Starck

While reading Philippe Starck’s biography I came across the below paragraph and had to put it in this post. It’s describes him perfectly. You can find more of the bio here.

“Whenever we discover an object or a place designed by Philippe Starck, we enter a world of wall-to-wall imagination, surprises and fabulous fantasy. For more than three decades, this unique and multifarious creator, designer and architect has been a part of our daily lives by creating unconventional objects, whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful, and iconic destinations that take the members of his “cultural tribe” out of themselves and, most importantly, towards something better.”

“I like to open the doors to people’s brain.” – Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a design icon. He has designed everything from interiors, to luggage, from watches to cars. His imagination and design sense is astonishing. Go to his site and see for yourself.

BaOba Desk

Hooktoo Utensils.

Play collection.

Yacht. Designed by Starck.


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