When family is far

Before my daughter was born my husband came up with a brilliant idea for her room. Since all of our family lives in various parts of the USA and Taylar doesn’t live close to her cousins, my husband though it would be cool if the cousins painted a picture for Tay’s room.

We decided on these two paintings to go above her crib. I just painted them myself with acrylic paint. Pretty easy for a non-artist.

Then we took a smaller square canvas and painted a dot on each of them.  We used the colors from the main paintings for the dots.

Each cousin painted a picture for Taylar and wrote their name on the painting. Now when we look at the paintings we talk to Tay about each of her cousins. Even though Tay’s cousins are far, they are near. 😉

Taylar loves her paintings. We can’t wait to add more paintings as cousins are born. 


One comment

  1. You are far from a non artist Kady. I love so many things that you have painted. In fact you need to start watercoloring again . You could teach Tay. I love you and so enjoy your design blog.

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