My brother posed a good question to me last night.

Why wont people let designers make things better?


Here is an example:

Dish soap. We all use dish soap. Which one would you rather have on your countertop (if you have to have it on your countertop)?




Assuming that both soaps work the same. 😉

One company had an extremely talented designer design their product package. I did some research on who designed the other company’s package but I could never find a source. My point being, If you are going to have something printed, packaged, designed, produced, re-designed etc… why not do it right and hire a good designer to do it? Designers went to school for a reason. Designers know what they are doing (well most) and designers LOVE to be challenged.

This topic is now open for discussion. You can either leave me a comment in the comments section or you can email me at kady@simpleinteriors.net. I would LOVE to hear your feedback and possibly talk about this more in a later post.


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