Traveling with a Toddler

Next week I will be making the big trek to the USA with my 18 month old daughter. I know. I am not the only mom who has ever traveled with a toddler before. Millions of mothers have traveled overseas with more kids etc… But I am still a bit nervous. Nervous about how to entertain a lap child for 12 hours. So here are a few things I have found to help.

The GoVinci backpack. LOVE it!

Pillow pets. Yeah. I know they are “old news” but we will be bringing this one along with us. My daughter calls him “Billy”, I call him a lifesaver! They are perfect for traveling because if kids get tired they can snuggle up to them and fall right asleep. I LOVE pillow pets!

The toddler travel pack. If I lived in the states, i would get this for my trip.


One comment

  1. When we traveled with our little guys, we always took crayons, paper, coloring books, etc. Even colored pencils if you don’t want melted wax….a doll with hair to comb and clothing to change keeps them busy too. I like that backpack and of course the pillow pet. Little comfort foods, cheerios, raisins, crackers, cheese and juice boxes. MP3 player with music. Some sort of video for her on your iPad. Download a piano app and give her the headphones while she plays her own music.

    When all else fails, Tylenol PM. 🙂

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