Westin Los Cabos

I remember several years ago being in a meeting with the head of Intercontinental hotels in Shanghai. We were working on an Intercontinental resort in China and were talking about the overall design of this new hotel. This man interrupted  our meeting to describe to us the perfect resort hotel. He said, “If it is truly a resort, the hotel will flow. It will flow from place to place and around each corner is a surprise for the guest. Something they have never seen before, something interesting.” Obviously, this stuck with me. I love what this man said and believe that resorts should take you from place to place and be a surprise. With that said, for the next week I will be at the Westin Los Cabos. This hotel is fantastic. I will admit, I was a little skeptical of the architecture when I saw photos, but this place actually looks better in person! The rooms are roomy, well designed and comfortable. The pools are beautiful and warm (I HATE cold water). The overall design is interesting, fun and surprising, each corner you go around you see something new, something interesting. This is what a resort should be. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone. And if you do come here pay the extra cost for the Royal Beach Club breakfast and nightly snack. It’s a wonderful place to unwind from a busy day in the sun.


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  1. wow! wish I could go on a fancy vacay there! I think the fanciest hotel Kday and I have been able to afford in our decade of marriage was a Marriot Suite. Not exactly fancy! Have fun in Mexico! You’re ONE LUCKY LADY!

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