Heaven in Hot Chocolate

I have posted this on facebook but I thought I would post this on the blog as well since this was total heaven and I have been sick the last few days and could use some heaven in a mug. While we were in France in October we went to the amazing Cafe Miremont in Biarritz. As I looked over the menu I struggled because my French isn’t what it use to be. As I read about this hot chocolate I wondered to myself “Could it possibly be true?”. YES, it was true. Chocolate ice cream with very hot chocolate  and sweet  cream! It literally was heaven in a mug. The French totally out did the swiss with this one. I will never look at a cup of hot chocolate the same! Try it at home….but remember to make your hot choccie with milk and NOT water!!!

This is before I poured the hot chocolate over the ice cream. Notice it’s served with a glass of water? Yeah, you need it!

This is the after I poured the hot chocolate over the ice cream and topped it with sweet cream. HEAVEN, PEOPLE, PURE HEAVEN!!!


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