My dad

I have a great dad. He has taught me a lot of amazing things in life, specifically the value of hard work and play. My dad has also instilled a great amount of confidence in me through skiing. I remember when I was around 13/14 years old I was skiing with the boys (my brother, his friends, my dad and his friends). I was the only girl that skied with this group because all of my friends were more concerned about how their hair looked in the lodge than skiing good. One day after we had eaten lunch we were skiing powder and I fell at the top of a hill. I remember trying to adjust my ski goggles and hat while looking down at the boys at the bottom of the hill and thinking “Kady what are you doing…you aren’t good enough, you should be in the lodge fixing your hair and flirting with boys”. I started to cry. I adjusted my goggles and hat and skied down to my dad and told him I couldn’t ski with them anymore, I just wasn’t good enough, I belonged in the lodge not with the boys. My dad looked at me and said “Kady you are good enough. In fact you are just as good or better than these boys. You need to keep skiing with us, don’t go to the lodge, you don’t belong there.” He said a few other nice things about my form skiing etc..
This was a critical moment for me in my life. It was the moment I chose not to take the easy path but to work hard and keep up with the boys. It was the moment I gained confidence in myself to know I could do anything.
I just want to thank my dad for not encouraging me to go sit in the lodge, but to push myself and ski with the boys. To this day, if I am in Utah, I still ski with my dad and brother and love it!
Happy Father’s day dad! I love you!!



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