Nira Alpina Review

Well folks, the Nira Alpina didn’t disappoint. The hotel was fabulous! Very well designed, fun and interesting. The views were amazing, the spa was relaxing and the rooms were spacious and comfortable (we were in a Jr. Suite).  The food was also very good…. I recommend getting a reservation for their Star Restaurant. But I think my favorite part of the whole experience was the staff. The hotel staff was the best! My daughter got sick the first day we were there and they helped us find a Dr. immediately. Then through the whole trip, every time saw any member of the hotel staff (reception, restaurant etc..) they would ask about my daughter and if she was feeling better and if they could do anything for us! AMAZING!!!  It was the most amazing, kind, fabulous staff I have almost ever come across. I loved this hotel! I would recommend it to anyone! And if you do go to this area in Switzerland, I wouldn’t stay in St. Moritz, I would stay in Silvaplana. It’s a smaller a very quaint city.  I want to live in this hotel!!!


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