About Simple Treats

Everyone deserves to be surrounded by great design and Simple Interiors can bring great design into your life. Whether you want to freshen up your space, redesign a room or an entire home or office, Simple Interiors can help by reinventing your space at a price that fits any budget.
Kady Day Lieber has been a designer for over 10 years, working in both residential and commercial design, in the USA and in Asia. Her passion for design is her inspiration behind Simple Interiors. She believes everyone deserves to be surrounded with good design no matter their budget.

Martha calls them “Good Things”. Oprah calls them “Favorite Things”. Simple Interiors calls them “Simple Treats”. Simple Treats is devoted to promoting designs that make life more beautiful, more functional, more affordable, or just plain fun! The kind of design that is the “Simple Treat” in  life!

We know everyone is busy, so we try to keep our posts simple, fun and quick. A simple treat to brighten your day, spark your interest or make you laugh.

Simple Treats is the design blog of Simple Interiors, an online interior design firm that believes everyone deserves to enjoy good design. To learn more about Simple Interiors Online Interior Design visit us here.


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