This is Ground

The Mod is a new product by This is Ground and I am pretty sure I need one! What a brilliant way to organize all of your travel needs! First, you choose your Main Mod….With 10 different options you are sure to find something that fits your personality.


Next, you choose your Mod Insert to take organization to the next level!


With many different classic color options, there is a Mod to fit anyone’s needs! I have my eye on the traveler main mod with a charger and designer insert for different occasions.

Now, if only they made a Mom Mod.


Oscar Diaz Studio

I love the items from Oscar Diaz Studio. Especially the below description of the above Hungry Animals. “The ‘Hungry Animals’ ( aka the whale that ate the elephant which ate a hippo which ate a turtle which had eaten a bird ) is a stencil set and small puzzle.”

And how fabulous is this Ink Calendar? LOVE IT! Wishlisted!







Fragonard is my favorite store in France. I walked into their charming store just outside the Louvre and fell in love. Their perfume is beautifully packaged and smells fresh and wonderful and I could stay in their delightful store all day looking at things. They have several locations in the south of France, including museums and factories and locations in Paris as well. If you are in the area be sure to pay them a visit. You will not be disappointed.