Bad Design Friday

Animals and furniture don’t mix


I know I usually do a bad design Friday (which I haven’t done in a while), but I found these little gems and had to do a bad design Sunday. Lesson for the day: Animals and furniture don’t mix!



Bad Design Friday

As you have noticed, I don’t do bad design Friday or follow the Simple Treats calendar anymore. It just got too stressful and I wasn’t posting what I wanted to post. So the bad design is going to be limited to times when I find items that are truly worth posting about. Here are two Asian gems that made me laugh out loud and then wonder who in the world thought of this and funded these projects???!!!

I found this on Pinterest. I’m not sure where they found the photo but it’s a classic Asian gem!


Hello Kitty Hotel in Taiwan. Just when you thought they couldn’t take hello kitty any further, they build this hotel! Amazing!


I’ll be honest. I hate most window coverings. I always have. Windows are to be open, to let light and fresh air in. I have never been a fan of heavily covering windows with massive amounts of fabric. Though, I have designed drapes and will continue to do so. Personally, I don’t love them. Having said that, here are some drapes, I am pretty sure you wont love either.

Ah, nothing like a lady trying to look like her drapes.

Is there a window there or not???

Pinch pleat drapes. ugh!

Drapes should always go to the floor. Unless you have some major architectural feature that is blocking your drapes from going to the floor, ALWAYS take drapes to the floor. My pet peeve!

Horrible. Just horrible.

Taking sports a little too far

I saw this from one of my friends on facebook and couldn’t resist:

Is it possible to take sports too far? Yes it is. Especially if you are China. There is a new hotel going up in Huainan, China as part of a 45.8 Million dollar sports complex. The only problem is that the hotel is shaped like an upside-down ping-pong paddle. Yes, a PING-PONG paddle. Now, I always knew China LOVED ping-pong but this is taking it to a whole new level.

As strange as the ping-pong paddle hotel is, that’s not all! This 165 acer sports complex will also have an American Football/stadium, along with other buildings shaped like a basketball, volleyball and a soccer ball.

Thanks China. You always make me smile!

(via AOL Travel)