Things I LOVE

This is Ground

The Mod is a new product by This is Ground and I am pretty sure I need one! What a brilliant way to organize all of your travel needs! First, you choose your Main Mod….With 10 different options you are sure to find something that fits your personality.


Next, you choose your Mod Insert to take organization to the next level!


With many different classic color options, there is a Mod to fit anyone’s needs! I have my eye on the traveler main mod with a charger and designer insert for different occasions.

Now, if only they made a Mom Mod.


Waterhouse on the Bund

The_WaterHouse-2 The_WaterHouse-8 The_WaterHouse-10 The_Waterhouse-1 The_WaterHouse-4

I lived in Shanghai for 6 months, and while I am a bigger fan of Beijing than Shanghai, I will say that it is a very fun city with lots to do and great food. So when I saw Waterhouse on the Bund I was immediately intrigued. The design looks fabulous! I love how the designers mixed the very old with the very new. Fabulous idea to really capture China at it’s best.


Scrub Island Resort, BVI



If it was possible, I would pack up the family right now, move to the BVI and never look back. I took a sailing trip to the BVI 9 years ago and have been trying to get back ever since. It is heaven on earth and Scrub Island on the main island of Tortola is calling my name!

Can you tell the weather in Switzerland is cold? So, I am dreaming of warmer skies for the next 9 or so months.

Casa de La Flora

The Casa de La Flora was on the Conde Nast Traveler Hot List for 2012 and for good reason! The architecture is just what architecture should be…wonderful!

When I read the name of this hotel I thought for sure it was in a Spanish speaking country, not Thailand, but Spanish or Thai, the Casa de La Flora is a beauty that someday I need to visit!

Nira Alpina Review

Well folks, the Nira Alpina didn’t disappoint. The hotel was fabulous! Very well designed, fun and interesting. The views were amazing, the spa was relaxing and the rooms were spacious and comfortable (we were in a Jr. Suite).  The food was also very good…. I recommend getting a reservation for their Star Restaurant. But I think my favorite part of the whole experience was the staff. The hotel staff was the best! My daughter got sick the first day we were there and they helped us find a Dr. immediately. Then through the whole trip, every time saw any member of the hotel staff (reception, restaurant etc..) they would ask about my daughter and if she was feeling better and if they could do anything for us! AMAZING!!!  It was the most amazing, kind, fabulous staff I have almost ever come across. I loved this hotel! I would recommend it to anyone! And if you do go to this area in Switzerland, I wouldn’t stay in St. Moritz, I would stay in Silvaplana. It’s a smaller a very quaint city.  I want to live in this hotel!!!

Malibu Beach Inn

In about 2 weeks I am headed to the west coast of the USA. Say what you will, but I am sure Katy Perry was right when she said “Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast”. Southern CA here we come! I can’t wait for the sunny days at the beach. With that said, I have decided that the remainder of this week is CA week. So, I will be posting fabulous hotels from the one and only golden coast. First up, Malibu Beach inn. Need I say more than”Malibu” to convince you that this is a great place?