If you ever find yourself in Paris or the south of France and you love good smelling things you have to go to Fragonard. It’s a fantastic boutique and perfume shop with the most yummy perfume you have ever smelt. In the south of France they even have several perfume museums and factories you can tour and as a bonus, they are located in the cutest cities ever! As you can see, I went a little wild on my visits but hey, when in France…right?




This is Ground

The Mod is a new product by This is Ground and I am pretty sure I need one! What a brilliant way to organize all of your travel needs! First, you choose your Main Mod….With 10 different options you are sure to find something that fits your personality.


Next, you choose your Mod Insert to take organization to the next level!


With many different classic color options, there is a Mod to fit anyone’s needs! I have my eye on the traveler main mod with a charger and designer insert for different occasions.

Now, if only they made a Mom Mod.

Almyra, Cyprus


I am in love with the Almyra hotel in Cyrpus. Not only do they have amazing simple designed rooms, beautiful architecture and wonderful accommodations they are also very family friendly! With 5 kid/teenager clubs to choose from you are sure your little ones are well entertained and taken care of while you have a relaxing day at the beach. And did I mention that their dining and food options look amazing? Sign me up! 

Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa


A couple of weekends ago I had the amazing opportunity to stay at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. This place was amazing! I was their first guest of the season and was greeted with a bouquet of flowers and a welcome committee. The hotel is amazing, the location is stunning, the spa is one of the best I have been to and their service is 5 star! Usually at these sorts of hotels they don’t love kids but the staff was amazing with my 3 year old daughter and they even have a free kids club! I highly recommend going to this hotel if you can. I completely loved it!


A few weeks ago we were in London. It was my first time and I loved it far more than I thought I would! We stayed at The Marriott County Hall hotel and loved the location of the hotel, not to mention the fabulous and helpful staff and amazing Eggs Benedict! Overall I would recommend the hotel to anyone visiting London for the first time as its perfect for sightseeing. I’m hoping to go back to London sooner than later!